Are you looking forward to getting accepted to your dream school?


We can get a lot done in an hour or two. If you are early in the college process or have a specific area that you need help on, we can cover the advice and tips on the college admissions process.  Learn how to choose classes and activities that will make you stand out, create your narrative and draft your personal statement and so much more.


I work with students in blocks of 10, 25 and 50-hour blocks over a term, semester or academic year.  My packages are for students who want to commit to a structured process and want to receive personalized coaching to guide them through the college admission process.  We will identify a "best fit" college list and ensure you are doing all you can to stand out at your dream school.

Balancing Stones

"Best Fit" College

Are you stressed about choosing the right colleges to apply to? Are you worried about your chances of getting accepted at your dream school?

School Application

Application Process

Are you overwhelmed by the college application process?

Do you wonder if you are doing everything you need to be doing to prepare for college? 

Typewriter Keys

Your Narrative

Do you feel your narrative is as strong as it can be?

Have you created a theme with your activities that will make you stand out in your essays?

About Me

Jason Coates, Educational Consultant

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When i went to college, i didn't have access to the guidance that i needed to make the best decisions. Now that the application process is more complicated and stressful than ever, my goal is to make it not only seamless but productive and fun. Since 2018, I have been working to help families and students navigate their education journey with more ease and certainty.  My background in marketing, public relations and communications is offered to help students develop and convey their X-factor theme to help them stand out at their dream college. Each student is unique and is provided with a custom action plan that is based on personal educational goals, and they get access to me every session.  Find my profile on LinkedIn


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